Group Share for Gmail

Gmail Group Send

Group Share for Gmail is an Android app, available on the Google Play store, that allows you to quickly share via email with one of your Gmail contact groups.

Important - our app Privacy Policy, as required by Google.

A simple example - you're out in the wilds somewhere and typing is tricky. You want to email some photos from your phone to your family.
  1. You already have a Gmail contact group set up with the relevant family email contacts (see below how to do this).
  2. On your phone, you select the photo(s) in the gallery you wish to share with them, and perform "Share".
  3. Choose Group Share for Gmail, and you are presented with a list of your Gmail contact groups.
  4. Select one, and Gmail is started with the appropriate contact email addresses filled in and your attachment(s) made.
A big timesaver!

NEW in v2.0, you are also able to create contact groups and manage them (add / remove contacts) within the app.


Share something to Gmail Group Share

Share something to Group Share for Gmail

Gmail Group Share main screen

Choose a Gmail contact group from the Group Share for Gmail main screen

Gmail Group Share settings

Change Group Share for Gmail settings

How do I set up Gmail contact groups?

Not all phones directly support creating or maintaining Gmail groups. The easiest way is via the standard Gmail web interface, see Create contact groups for instructions.

You will also need to ensure your phone is syncing and displaying your Gmail groups. Check your People (or Contacts) app for a setting "Contacts to Display" and select all the groups you wish to make 'visible'. Alternatively and more simply, enable the "Show Invisible Groups" option in Gmail Group Share.

Why two versions of the app?

One is free and ad-supported. The other costs a (small) amount to purchase and, once installed, removes ads from the free version.

We recommend you try the free ad-supported version first to check it meets your needs, then purchase the ad-free version if you wish.

What about these app permissions?

  • READ_CONTACTS - this is so Group Share for Gmail can read your contacts to find who is in which group. Sort of required, really.
  • INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - required for the AdMob in-app advertising to work. 

What about large images making my emails huge?

A useful additional app is Image Shrink (or Image Shrink Lite), which allows you to automatically shrink your photos before sending them.
Just share to Image Shrink (Lite) before sharing onto Group Share for
The pay-for version of Image Shrink allows you to shrink multiple images at once, the free Lite version just a single image.

When I enable "Display contact counts", why are the counts larger than the number of contacts listed in a group?

The displayed contact count comes from a field maintained internally by Android, rather than being counted on-the-fly by the app (which would hurt performance with many contacts). This maintained count includes "joined" contacts (where two similar contacts are "joined" into a single logical contact in your contact list), and also includes Facebook contacts. Facebook contacts are not visible to external apps so the whilst the count includes them, the contact list in the app will not. Either of these two circumstances can lead to a displayed count being larger than the number of contacts listed when you view them for a group.